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About George Moore with Zion (GMZ)

About George Moore with Zion (GMZ)

published 12/19/2012 expires 12/26/2012


P.O Box 8723
Columbus, GA 31908
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The purpose of George Moore with Zion (GMZ) is to inspire and motivate the people of the world through the gift of psalm. GMZ strives to break the roots of traditionalist, the roots of strongholds, the roots of narrow thinking and aspirations by being original and contemporary. With the gifts and talents of GMZ, the ultimate goal is to draw people to God.

We thrive with the vision of Dreaming Big, writing the vision and taking action!!

Our Mission is to:

  • Spiritually and mentally heal and inspire people on a global level.

  • Broaden our knowledge of music by exploring other musical areas that we’re not accustomed to.

  • Pioneer evolution in Gospel Music that will transcend the boundaries of gender, race and ethnicity.

  • Always be ready to adapt to change for innovation.

  • Consistently operate in the spirit of excellence to represent our Lord and Savior.

If you would like to book us at an event please contact:

Felecia Kelly @ (706) 442-3281
Katrina Cummings @ (706) 393-8569

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George Moore with Zion is a subsidary of Grayter Hyttes.
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